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‘Smart’ drugs won’t make smart people cheap jerseys china smarter

It is claimed one in five students have taken the drug Modafinil to boost their ability to study and improve their chances of exam success. But new research into the effects of Modafinil has shown that healthy students could find their performance impaired by the drug.

The study carried out by Dr Ahmed Dahir Mohamed, in the School of Psychology at The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, and published today, Wednesday 12 November 2014, in the open access journal PLOS ONE, showed the drug had negative effects in healthy people.

Dr Mohamed said: looked at how the drug acted when you are required to respond accurately and in a timely cheap nfl jerseys manner. Our findings were completely opposite to cheap jerseys china the results we expected.

In a randomised double blind study, increases the latency of response in the Hayling Sentence Completion Test in Healthy Volunteers: A Randomised Controlled Trial they administered 32 participants with the drug and 32 with a placebo. All the participants were given a famous neuropsychological task cheap jerseys free shipping known as the Hayling Sentence Completion Test in which they were asked to respond both quickly and accurately. Dr Mohamed found the drug slowed down reaction times, impaired their ability to respond in a timely manner and failed to improve their performance of the task.Articles Connexes:

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