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For female jihadis

FILE In this still taken from CCTV issued by the Metropolitan Police in London on Feb. 23, 2015, 15 year old Amira Abase, left, Kadiza Sultana,16, center, and Shamima Begum, 15, walk through Gatwick airport, south of London, before catching their flight to Turkey on Tuesday Feb 17, 2015. The three teenage girls left the country in a suspected bid to travel to Syria to join the Islamic State extremist group. When the three British schoolgirls trundled across the Syrian border they were going to a place of no return. Only two of the approximately 600 Western girls and young women who have joined extremists in Syria are known to have made it out of the war zone. (AP Photo/Metropolitan Police, File) NO ARCHIVE

PARIS (AP) When three British schoolgirls trundled across the Syrian border; when a pregnant 14 year old ran away from her Alpine home for the second time; when a sheltered girl from the south of France booked her first trip abroad they were going to a place of no return.

Only two of the approximately 600 Western girls and young women who have joined extremists in Syria are known to have made it out of the war zone. By comparison, as many as 30 percent of the male foreign fighters have left or are on their way out, according to figures from European governments that monitor the returns.

In interviews, court documents and public records, The Associated Press has compiled a detailed picture of European girls and young women who join extremists such as the Islamic State group a decision that is far more final than most may realize.

The girls are married off almost immediately. With an estimated 20,000 foreign fighters among them 5,000 Europeans in Syria, there is no shortage of men looking for wives. That number is expected to double by the end of the year. Once among the jihadis, the women are not permitted to travel without a male chaperone or a group of other women, according to material published by Islamic State and researchers who follow the group. Otherwise, they risk a lashing wholesale nfl jerseys or worse. Open triumphGolfers give bad reviews of Chambers Bay course, USGA says it’s just fineCool Seattle places off the tourist pathNine time major winner Gary Player calls Chambers Bay a ‘tragedy’Commuters: Seattle area traffic stinks, but we’d rather drive alone

European women who blog about their lives under Islamic State tend to be chipper about the experience, but reading between the lines of an e book of travel advice shows a life that will be radically circumscribed, with limited electricity, lack of even the most basic medicine, and practically no autonomy. Women do not fight, researchers say, despite Hunger Games like promises.

lives of those teenage girls are very much controlled, said Sara Khan, a British Muslim whose group Inspire campaigns against the dangers of extremist recruiters.

The two exceptions to the rule of no return are perhaps most revealing in the very paucity of details about their journey driving home how murky life is behind the Islamic State curtain.

Sterlina Petalo is a Dutch teenager who converted to Islam, and came to be known by the name Aicha. She traveled to Syria in 2014 to marry a Dutch jihadi fighter there and managed to return months later apparently making her way to the border with Turkey, where her mother reportedly picked her up and brought her back to the Netherlands. Back home, she was immediately arrested on suspicion of joining a terror organization.

Her family, lawyers and prosecutors refuse to discuss the case. She was released from custody last November and has not been formally charged.

The second woman known to have made it out of the grip of Islamic State reconsidered after just a few weeks. The 25 year old Briton, whom police have not named, had taken her toddler son all the way to Raqqa, the group stronghold, when she decided she cheap jerseys had made a mistake and called home. She made her way back into Turkey and her father met her there. How she was able to travel the 250 kilometers (150 miles) from Raqqa to the Turkish border city of Gaziantep is not clear. Back in Britain, she was detained and is now free on bail pending formal charges.

Without knowing how the two escaped, it is difficult to say whether other girls and women could follow their path out of Syria, said Joana Cook, a researcher at King College London who studies the links between women and jihad.

are clearly many human smugglers working within Syria right now, helping Syrian civilians escape the violence, and I wonder if there is a similar, perhaps even growing market, for those trying to escape after joining ISIL, Cook told The Associated Press in an email, using one of the acronyms for the Islamic State group.

The question is whether the girls understood from the beginning how limited their choices would be once they crossed the frontier.

The case of a 15 year old Avignon girl exemplifies such doubts. The girl hid her second Facebook account and Islamic veil from her moderate Muslim family, thereby managing to join a jihadi network, according to the family lawyer. Once within a unit of the al Qaida offshoot Nusra Front, she was not permitted to leave, according to her brother, who went into Syria to fetch her and was turned away by the extremists. A French boy who joined the group around the same time was allowed to go home.

The networks that bring the women into Syria are increasingly organized around the extremists dream of building a nation of multinational jihadis, meaning European girls are particularly prized.

The doggedness of jihadi methods for recruiting girls can be seen in the case of Amelia, a 14 year old girl from France Alpine Isere region.

Amelia was first contacted on Facebook by a French fighter on Jan. cheap jerseys china 14, 2014 and within a month agreed to go to Syria and marry the man, who identified himself as Toxiko. After she was turned back by airport border police in Lyon on her first attempt, Toxiko persuaded another French adolescent girl to join him in Syria.

Amelia, meanwhile, ran away from home to Belgium, where an imam performed a religious ceremony that wed her to a different man, cheap jerseys an Algerian jihadi. She returned to France homesick and pregnant, just long enough to speak to investigators building a case against a middleman who helped her run away. This winter, Amelia managed to deceive her family and left again making it to Syria with the Algerian fighter, who is more than twice her age.

particularly difficult for these families. For them, radicalization is happening on the Internet and outside the family sphere, said Sebastien Pietrasanta, a French lawmaker working on a program to de radicalize young people. a girl of 14, I believe we can clearly save her from herself and save her from these barbarians.Articles Connexes:

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